Thanks for your interest in joining the Australian Medical Students’ Orchestra! Registrations are now open for the 2017 concert! Keep an eye our Facebook page for all the latest details!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can pre-med students or non-medical students join?

A: We welcome applications from all interested players. We aim to give preference to medical students but if you are keen to play with us we recommend you apply as we are open to applications from all students.


Q: I haven't played my instrument in a number of years - what standard is expected from my playing?

A: At AMSO we try to facilitate a professional sounding orchestra each year. That said, we encourage any and all keen instrumentalists to register. Registration fees are refunded if your application is unsuccessful, so there's no harm in applying!


Q: What is the rehearsal schedule like?

A: Orchestra rehearsals will be held in Sydney, starting on the Friday (19th May), leading up to the concert date (Sunday, 21st May).
There will be (roughly) six hours of rehearsal each on the Friday and Saturday, with breaks. On the concert day, there will be a sound check before the concert, which will run for approximately two hours.


Q: I play the _______, and my instrument isn't listed on the registration form! Can I still register?

A: If your instrument isn't indicated on the sign-up sheet, feel free to still register. When asked for your instrument, please click 'Other', type in your instrument, and don't pay the registration fee until we've confirmed with you whether we can accommodate your instrument. We will be in contact with you via email.


Q: Do I need to submit an audition?

A: Because we've had so many applicants in the past, if you wish to apply for a principal role, or for a role that has a limited number of positions, you will also be required to submit an audition. When registrations open, full details of the audition requirements can be found on the Registration page.


Q: Is there a shirt sizing guide available for the commemorative AMSO shirts?

A: Yes there is! Please see below.