Medicine and music have much in common – a dedication to excellence,
performance under pressure, teamwork and much more – so it is little wonder that many
physicians are talented musicians behind their stethoscopes. Like doctors,
musicians require empathy and communication skills to translate their music for
audiences and convey its emotions.

For many of us, music is one of the few passions we are able to indulge in alongside the busy schedule of medical school.


Thus, we felt the need for the Australian Medical Students’ Orchestra. Just over 20 years ago, the Australian Doctors’ Orchestra was formed, and over the past eight years, medical student orchestras have sprung up around Australia. As this momentum has built over recent years, we have been inspired to take this idea to a national level. This year, the city of Melbourne will host the sixth Australian Medical Students’ Orchestra, recruiting musicians from all over Australia.

In 2018, AMSO brought 90 medical students from around Australia to Brisbane for three days of intense rehearsals, culminating in a concert which took place on September 16, 2016. At this concert, we raised money for the wonderful Foundation of Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST). Not only do we share a love for music, but we are also passionate about using our music to benefit others.