Click here to register for the AMSO concert, 2017

Registrations close after Friday, March 24th (11:59pm).
For detailed information on registration, fees and auditioning, please see below.

Registrations for the 2017 concert have now been closed. For anyone interested in joining AMSO in 2018, please consider joining our mailing list (click here), so that we may contact you with further details.

For those requiring an auditions process (as outlined in the 'Auditions' section below), click here for access to the required excerpts.



+ Repertoire

The repertoire for this concert is as follows:

   Rimsky-Korsakov - Scheherazade
   Borodin - Polovtsian Dances
   Lohengrin - Prelude to Act 3
   Westlake - Antarctica

+ Schedule - May 19th to 21st 2017, Sydney

The weekend will consist mainly of rehearsals on Friday and Saturday, including a sectional on Saturday afternoon, with a final concert on Sunday afternoon (details coming shortly).

Exciting social events will be organised on Friday and Saturday nights - this is a great opportunity to share your love of music with fellow medical students from around Australia! Join us in Sydney for a wonderful weekend of music and a chance to meet like-minded people! The registration price includes a social dinner on the Saturday night.

+ Fees

Registration fees are as follows:

Local players who are not willing to billet - $100
Local players who are willing to billet - $70
Interstate players - $50

Please note that registration fees are due at the time of registration. Unsuccessful applicants will be refunded this fee in full.

All profits from the 2017 AMSO concert will go to charity - details on charities coming shortly.

+ Accommodation

If you are a local to Sydney, please consider offering to billet - it's a great way to make a friend from interstate.

Interstate players have three options for accommodation:

You may choose to billet with a local orchestra member. This will be arranged after registration, and will be free of cost. We can recommend you high quality accommodation near the city centre. You may choose to organise your own accommodation. Flights to and from Sydney domestic airport are not included in the registration fee. In order to compensate for this, registration fees for interstate players are reduced.

+ Auditions

Yes, we all dread auditions almost as much as we dread end-of-year OSCEs… so the good news is that the majority of you can applying for AMSO without auditioning!! However, for reasons of competitiveness and prestige, you will need to submit an audition if you are interested in applying for the following positions:


   -Principal Violin II

   -Principal Viola

   -Principal Cello

   -All flute players

   -All clarinet players

Please note that other (non-string) sections may require an auditions process, depending on the number of applicants.

Applicants may audition for multiple orchestra roles, also. For example, violin players may audition for both the concertmaster role, as well as principal violin II. In this case, applicants would need to perform the excerpts for concertmaster only.

All string players may optionally audition, in order to potentially secure a higher desk placement. Those who choose not to audition will be placed using credentials alone.

The audition requirements are:

  • All of the selected excerpts for your instrument (approx. 3 minutes in duration)

  • An own choice selection of maximum 3 minutes

Selected excerpts can be found at the link at the top of this webpage. Make sure you listen to recordings of the repertoire so you have a sense of tempo, phrasing, rhythm etc., and how the excerpt fits into the piece as a whole.

To submit the audition, please record a video recording of your excerpts and own choice piece. You will be allowed a cut between the excerpts and own choice piece, but all excerpts must be recorded in a single take (no post-production movie magic!). The own choice piece must also be recent (within the few months). Then, upload it via Youtube using the following method:

   1) Go to and click ‘Upload’ at the top right-hand corner

   2) Sign in with your Gmail account (or make a new Google account if you don’t have one)

   3) Upload your file

   4) Put your full name and instrument in the title

   5) Change the privacy settings from ‘Public’ to ‘Private’

   6) Click ‘Share’ and enter the AMSO email address:

   7) Click ‘Done’.

N.B. You won’t need to use any fancy video recorders for the audition - your smartphone will do fine. If you have any technical difficulties please contact us so that we can help you or work out an alternative.

Auditions will be due by Friday, 14th April 2017, at 11:59pm. You do NOT need to submit your audition at the same time as you register for AMSO.

For positions not requiring an audition, orchestral members will be chosen based on their previous playing history/AMEB levels etc. (information that will be asked for in the registration form).

Thanks again for your interest in AMSO, and we can’t wait to get in touch. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Best of luck,

AMSO Committee

+ Payment


Fees are as follows:

Local players who are not willing to billet - $100
Local players who are willing to billet - $70
Regional NSW players - $100
Interstate players - $50

If you wish to order a t-shirt, please transfer an additional $17.50.

Payment instructions are as follows:

1) Transfer to:
   Account name: Australian Medical Students' Orchestra
   BSB: 063113 (Commonwealth Bank of Australia)
   Acc. No.: 1114 6187

You MUST list the name you used on the registration form as the description on the transfer, otherwise the processing of your registration (and potential refunds) may be significantly delayed.

2) Email us at with the subject heading "{Your name} Registration Payment AMSO2017" with a screen shot of your payment OR your payment receipt number.

*If you are situated in very remote areas of NSW, you may be eligible for an interstate fee